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Somewhere on Urth, some armored Dimarchi gather at the remains of a fallen castle. Warriors from beyond the Ecuator are everywhere surrounding it, and in the shadows, a terrifying Witch appears, decided to disrupt the balance of the battle, only acting on behalf of her mysterious desires.

But are these all that are present here? Aren't those Dorok warriors? Sardaukar maybe? How did they come here?

Print and enjoy. <3

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Tagsdune, miniatures, minis, nausicaa, new-sun, paper, warriors


Buy Now3.00€ EUR or more

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Love the John Blanche vibe !

Wee need more of this mate ... feed us with your colorfull grimness.  


This pack needs to be expanded. These are my favorite minis by far.


Oh thank you kindly! Very very happy to hear that. It will indeed be expanded in the near future. I'm even considering making different packs for different factions. We'll see.


Oo, these are killer! Love the bug-mask folks :D


Thank you kindly, Rollinkuz! Really appreciate it. :)